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When you need experience on your side

You'll need a local representative in your corner

We feel each new case is different from the one before it, and requires a unique approach.

Why do I need a local representative?


Why deal with a representative from New York? Or Dallas? Or Atlanta? A representative that you will never see in person until the very end of the process. A representative that you will never meet until a few minutes before the important hearing before a Social Security disability judge?


When you work Dennis W. Oliver, you sit down and talk face-to-face and get to know us. We are more than just a voice on the telephone or a name on an e-mail message.


Local representatives have relationships with local medical providers. We know the disability judges and can advise you on exactly what to expect at your hearing. We know the local Social Security offices.


We give you personal service that representatives in other areas simply cannot furnish. We are truly “Local Help for Local People”.


Why shouldn't I use a nationwide "megafirm"?


You may have seen the ads on TV... "largest disability firm in America"... "most successful"... etc. But is using one of the nationwide "megafirms" the best option for you?


Most mega-firms emphasize quantity - not quality. Your case will likely be lost in the shuffle of thousands of cases. The first time you talk with them you will be treated royally but that usually changes after that first phone consultation. You become just another number to them. You no longer talk directly to your representative; instead you are sent to voicemail or are transferred to an "assistant" who promises to get back to you but never does. You are asked to do the work for the firm--such as getting your own records or filing your own forms with the local Social Security office.


At our office, you deal with people who meet with you face-to-face and who are available to talk to you when you call. Don't get lost in the "mega firm" shuffle! Call today to schedule a sit-down consultation at our local office.

We do not receive a fee until your case is settled in your favor!



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